Guided by Voices

"When I listen to certain music, I identify those melodies as very distinctly British melodies. I feel like the melodies and the chords lend themselves to being sung that way. I read an interview with Bob Pollard where he was talking about people giving him a hard time for singing with a fake British accent, and he said, 'Well, that’s because I grew up listening to the fucking Who.' The chord progressions we’re playing are stripped straight from those songs, and so are the melodies. So it’s hard to sing like I’m from Memphis, Tennessee when I’m singing a melody from a British song. Somebody once told me I sound less like a guy from the South trying to sound British and more like a British guy trying to sound like a hillbilly. I’ll go for the latter [laughs]."

Speaker: Jay Reatard
Topic: Guided by Voices

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